Covermat to unveil LIMEX, Save-World material innovation in Thailand

Prepare to meet Covermat Co., Ltd at the Bangkok AD & SIGN EXPO 2022, in which we will introduce our new business which focuses on supporting carbon footprint and long-term sustainability growth under the name “Green Covermat”.

In Covermat booth, a brand new material that can revolutionize the current industry and help save the world will be first launched. It is called LiMEX. We will provide you with a LiMEX Backlit Film, LiMEX Sheet, and product showcase from LiMEX material at this expo.

Covermat to unveil LIMEX, Save-World material innovation in Thailand

LIMEX is a material developed and manufactured by TBM, which is a global unicorn company. This is a new material made in Japan that uses limestone as its main raw material and no water or wood pulp as raw material, replacing paper and plastic and contributing to a sustainable society.

Based on the sales experience in multiple industries in the Thai market that Covermat has cultivated through its trading business, the company will offer LIMEX in a wide range of fields, from general consumer goods such as shopping bags and food and cosmetic containers to industrial materials such as pellets and sheets.

Through this partnership, Covermat aims to contribute to the BCG (Bio-Circular-Green) industry which the Thai government and companies are promoting, by providing LIMEX in Thailand.

This year, Covermat has opened a new division taking care of product lines under the brand "Green Covermat", which will focus on Eco-Friendly products with the aim to be part of the conservation of natural resources of this world and to keep good air quality, free from pollution to children & next generation for good surrounding and better life quality.

Booth Number: No. C8-C11
Dates: 3-6 November 2022 10.00 -20.00 hrs.
Location: Hall: 6-7 Impact Arena, Bangkok

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