Now Showcasing! The Ultimate 3-in-1 Tradeshow
Featuring Full-Cycle Digital Printing Innovation Trends

"Grand Master Exhibition," in collaboration with partners, is hosting three major tradeshows: "BANGKOK AD & SIGN EXPO 2023", "BANGKOK DIGITAL TEXTILE PRINT EXPO 2023" and "BANGKOK PACK & LABEL EXPO 2023", all under the theme "Innovation of Digital Printing that Makes Money". These events have brought together comprehensive digital printing technologies from over 1,000 brands to showcase in a 10,000-square-meter venue. Visitors to enjoy special year-end promotions from leading distributors in Thailand, along with intensive seminars and workshops conducted by experienced industry professionals. Interested individuals are invited to stay informed about new innovative trends and to explore potential business opportunities from 9-12 November 2023 at Halls 6-7, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

Mr. Kasem Dusadeeprasert, Managing Director of Grand Master Exhibition Co., Ltd., a leading organiser of the outdoor advertising and signage technology exhibition, revealed that Grand Master Exhibition has collaborated with the Thai Advertising Business Development Association (TABDA), the Thai Garment Machinery Industry Association (TGMA) and the Lao Sign Association to host a tradeshow, covering an area of 10,000 square meters. The event incorporates three major events in digital printing technology, including:

  1. BANGKOK AD & SIGN EXPO 2023: An exhibition showcasing outdoor advertising and signage technology as well as sticker applications for transportation and buildings.
  2. BANGKOK DIGITAL TEXTILE PRINT EXPO 2023: An exhibition presenting textile printing technology, screen printing for sportswear, computer embroidery and more.
  3. BANGKOK PACK & LABEL EXPO 2023: An exhibition highlighting paper packaging and product label printing technology.

The “BANGKOK AD & SIGN EXPO 2023 – BANGKOK DIGITAL TEXTILE PRINT EXPO 2023 – BANGKOK PACK & LABEL EXPO 2023” is held under the theme “Innovation of Digital Printing that Makes Money”. Visitors can experience the real digital printing technology advancement for sign production, advertising, textile printing, sportswear, garment machinery, packaging and product labels. Featuring over 1,000 domestic and international brands and 75,000 items from leading distributors, with more than 100 companies exhibiting over 400 booths, visitors can enjoy exclusive promotions of the year from every booth. The event also includes exciting workshops and seminars for signage and sticker industry professionals as well as a sign-making championship contest.

Located in the International Zone, this year's special activities also feature over 40 booths from abroad to specifically showcase the latest products for outdoor advertising and signage from China, South Korea and other countries. To facilitate communications between Thai and international participants, the event offers Thai, Chinese and English translators. The 1-on-1 Business Matching session is also organized for business participants to enable Thai companies to establish partnerships and collaborate with foreign manufacturers to select the best products for distribution and services in Thailand. In addition, Grand Master Exposition and the Lao Sign Association also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to exchange technologies, support trade and investment in the signage industry and engage in discussions to inspire the new generation of entrepreneurs. Various other activities are organized to enhance skills and raise the standards for outdoor advertising-signage production businesses and productions.

With strong effort to enhance skills of business operators throughout the four-day event, the event offers numerous activities. These activities include seminars on topics such as ‘How to Succeed in the Sign Business’ and ‘Harnessing Technology in Value and Creativity for Unique Tourism Souvenirs’. Additionally, there are various workshops, including the ‘CNC Master, an advanced training program for sign makers using CNC machines’, ‘SUPERFRAME training and installation for aluminium frame production’, ‘NEON LED Infinity lightbox sign production’, ‘Piezo Electric Inkjet troubleshooting training’, ‘Fengshui for Sign Makers’, ‘Basic accounting and legal training related to the signage business’ and ‘the Signage Maker Contest 2023, a competition to determine Thailand's champion in pickup-truck sticker decoration’.

“Thanks to the longstanding and positive relationship between Grand Master Exhibition and our domestic and international partners, particularly those from neighbouring Southeast Asian countries and the Mekong Basin, including China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, the organisation of BANGKOK AD & SIGN EXPO 2023, BANGKOK DIGITAL TEXTILE PRINT EXPO 2023 and BANGKOK PACK & LABEL EXPO 2023 has become a significant platform. These events have become integral to the digital printing industry and technology.

Our strong collaborations have introduced innovations that help businesses generate income in the fields of outdoor advertising, textile printing, sportswear, garment machinery, packaging and product labelling. By providing a platform for leading distributor companies to connect with buyers, both domestically and internationally, we have created a crucial opportunity for exhibitors to engage with actual buyers. The event anticipates no less than THB 1.2 billion in business transactions during and after the event,”
  said Mr. Kasem.

“BANGKOK AD & SIGN EXPO 2023 – BANGKOK DIGITAL TEXTILE PRINT EXPO 2023 – BANGKOK PACK & LABEL EXPO 2023” tradeshow for innovative digital printing, sign production, advertising, textile printing, packaging and product labelling industries is held intensively for four days from 9 to 12 November, at Halls 6-7, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, starting from 10.00 hrs. to 20.00 hrs., and on the last day from 10.00 hrs. to 19.00 hrs.

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